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We are attorneys. We negotiate and execute business transactions for clients worldwide.



Since its incorporation in 2009, Walker Saunders, P.C. has represented hundreds of clients from four continents in business matters ranging from securities offerings to trademark applications to venture financings to software licenses and beyond. The firm provides enterprise-grade solutions at boutique-grade rates.


Samuel Saunders is an attorney and trusted advisor to clients worldwide. He represents stakeholders on all sides of business transactions including entrepreneurs, operating companies, angel investors, private equity firms, employees, and service providers. He is licensed to practice law by the State of New York and lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and their daughters.

practice areas

We do business deals of all kinds, with a special emphasis on serving the needs of stakeholders in venture technology deals. Below is a partial list of the services we provide to any business or entrepreneur.

  • Entity Structure and Formation
    • Business registration
    • Corporate document creation or therapy
    • Shareholder agreements
    • State registration
  • Venture Finance
    • Friends and Family, Angel, Seed, and Series A raises
      • SAFE agreements
      • Convertible notes
      • Stock purchase agreements
    • Securities offerings
      • Rule 506(b)
      • Rule 506(c)
      • Regulation S
      • Regulation A+
    • Private Placements
  • Human Resources
    • Employment and contractor agreements
    • Incentive equity and phantom equity plans
  • Intellectual Property
    • Trademark applications and maintenance
    • Copyright registration
    • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Operating Companies
    • Sales agreements
    • Joint ventures
    • Master services agreements
    • Due diligence
    • Website disclosure documents
    • Software licenses and source code agreements


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Our office telephone number is (212) 252 2263. You can contact us via Signal at the same number. 

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